Dromomania – Created using Canva

When Life presents the Challenge; it is time to explore.

Why Roam?

There comes a time in Life when the best option is to roam.

Mr K’s kids are grown. And it is now two years since my beloved son died.

The everyday humdrum of Life is wearing us down despite our careful planning, dedication and many hours of drudgery. Life hasn’t worked out as we planned.

Slouched on the couch, staring at the screen. It dawns on Us. We are Empty Nesters. Middle-aged. Financially secure (well, the most secure we have ever been).

So why are we frustrated? Filled with angst. Snarling and snapping. This is definitely not the way we envisioned our relationship. After all, we only coupled seven years ago!

I pray, “Please don’t let this be our Life together”. There is no way I want to become a screeching harpy filled with contempt.

What to do? With itchy feet and yearning for adventure. Our integrity kicks in to gear. The decision is made. Time to coddiwomple!

We will chase the winds and become digital grey-headed nomads. Accompanied by our three trusty canine companions we will wander. Why wait for ‘retirement’. Time to live our dream!

Dromaniax is our log of adventures. Join us for a journey that will last a lifetime!